When Families Develop As Leaders And Child Advocates

When Families Develop As Leaders And Child Advocates

Early childhood educators are strong advocates for young children, but families must assume this role for the long term. They are the constant throughout the child’s life, and will be there during all transitions into new learning environments. When families have the knowledge and skill to talk about the child’s strengths and needs, they can then advocate for the services and education best suited to the child’s individual needs. This role will last until the child is old enough to advocate for themselves.

The question is, how do I get my family to understand the best way to do all this? Here at Child Care Resources, we provide answers through our Parent Partnership Program. This partnership will equip families like yours to adopt the knowledge and skills and to empower families to be life long advocates for their child’s education. Your family is the base and structure to support your child from birth and throughout their life.

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