Family Friendly Workplace


Research shows that flexible and progressive working practices are good for business. Achieving a balance between work and home is “win-win” for the family and the employer.

In order to attract and retain employees, employers must make the case for family support at work. To compete in a global economy, employers are looking for ways to be more efficient. Family friendly policies make great sense by creating a more committed and productive workforce, reducing absenteeism and lowering turnover. For a growing number of employers and employees, taking care of business also means taking care of family needs. Family Friendly policies make good business sense for any size company.

What is a Family Friendly Workplace?

Family Friendly employers provide services to help employees succeed both at work and at home. Creating a family friendly work environment helps employees balance work and family. Some ideas for a family friendly workplace:

  • Dependent care supports (care referral services and elder care support)
  • Flexible work options (i.e. flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, etc.) Flexible working conditions are not necessarily about staff working less, but in a way that fits better with their personal needs and commitments. It involves creative thinking about how we work smarter, not longer.
  • Options for maximizing time and money (i.e. discount programs, child care financial assistance, Flexible Spending Accounts, etc.)

Child Care Resources’ – Putting Family Friendly Policies into Action

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