Many states, including New Jersey, maintain a set of basic rules and regulations for licensed child care centers and Registered Family Child Care homes. These rules are monitored by both the State of New Jersey and local agencies, such as Child Care Resources.

Accreditation is an additional way to judge the quality of a child care program. Child care programs can choose to become accredited by a child care accrediting organization. The accreditation process entails more advanced standards than licensing guidelines. To become accredited, the child care program must go through a self-assessment process, then the accrediting organization would observe the program and lastly, the program is evaluated.

Accreditation standards or goals typically include program characteristics, such as, health and safety standards, staff professional development, staff credentials, curriculum and relationships between staff and parents.

All types of child care programs can become accredited. Each type of child care has their own accrediting organization. Below is a list of each organization and their website: