From the Director

Welcome to CCR’s website! The information, resources, and tools provided have been carefully developed and reviewed for your use. We hope you find our new website brimming with beneficial information! At CCR we are working hard to meet the child care in Monmouth County.

Child Care Resources champions the right of all children to start life with the best possible foundation of learning, care and health. Realizing the long-term benefits for children, families and our society, CCR works to ensure investments in quality and supports for working families to give all of our children the opportunity for a bright future. Through coaching, on-site teacher development, and classroom training, CCR supports neighborhood-based child care programs that provide this incredibly important community resource for children and families. High quality child care is a community resource that supports families, contributes to economic productivity, and nurtures children’s growth.

At CCR we are committed to strengthening and expanding the child care system, by helping working families’ navigate child care selection, and providing choices for families, by expanding access to high quality, affordable child care. To accomplish all this, Child Care Resources depends upon support from a variety of sources, including the State of New Jersey, and the federal and county government. Although government investments play a critical role in strengthening our early care and education system, CCR relies on the support of private corporations, and our friends – individuals like you to reinforce and sustain our not-for profit infrastructure which has been in existence since 1995 providing essential services for children and families. Our website provides information on the many ways you can get involved to improve outcomes for all children. Your support will help ensure Child Care Resources strength today and its ability to continue to serve our communities in the future.

With gratitude,

Kim Perrelli
Executive Director