E-Child Care Providers

As a child care provider who is providing care for families who participate in one of the State of New Jersey’s child care subsidy programs, you are required to utilize the E-Child Care (ECC) system. If you are a Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) provider, Registered Family Child Care (FCC) provider or a Licensed Child Care Center who provides child care for five or less children subsidized through the state’s child care subsidy programs, you will be asked to use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system operated through a telephone. If you are a Licensed Child Care Center who has five or more children subsidized through one of the state’s child care subsidy programs, then you will be asked to use the Point of Service (POS) device, which is a swipe card system. These systems will record attendance information and confirm that child care was provided.

To ensure you are fulfilling your responsibility as a child care provider in this process, you must:

  • Complete a W-9 form for tax purposes and all banking paperwork, including the New Jersey ECC Vendor Settlement Authorization Form. Complete all applicable sections of this banking form because all payments are made via direct deposit to your given bank account.
  • Confirm the phone number parents will be using (IVR system) or the phone number the POS device is connected to is the phone number that Child Care Resources has as your location phone number.
  • Log onto New Jersey’s Electronic Child Care (ECC) Provider Web Portal at echildcarenj.org to view all current child care agreements and ensure proper payments are being made. This website also provides numerous resources and helpful links including training videos, user manuals and quick reference guides.
  • Ask parents if they have received and activated their Family First cards. If a parent does not have a Family First card they will need to call Child Care Resources to have a new card issued.
  • Maintain manual attendance. If there is payment discrepancy you will need to provide documentation to verify attendance.
  • To ensure timely payments, transactions should be performed daily by the parent. The Provider Web Portal should be monitored daily by the provider for Check-Ins, Check-Outs, Previous Check-Ins, Previous Check-Outs, Sick Days and Absent Days.
  • If your program has received an incorrect payment through direct deposit, you must return an ECC Attendance Log and an E-Child Care Provider Payment Discrepancy Form. These forms can be obtained below. Alternate attendance reporting and manual payments will not be accepted unless the reason meets the Good Cause criteria. Good Cause criteria is defined as:

1. Exceptional WFNJ cases (case not processed within authorized start date)

2. Exceptional CPS cases (case not processed within authorized start date)

3. No equipment installed

4. System glitch that impacts timely or accurate payments

5. No initial Families First card issued or delay reissuing lost/stolen cards (beyond back swipe period)

6. Other (requires prior Division of Family Development approval – to be determined on a case by case basis)

  • In accordance with State regulations, providers must submit all ECC Attendance Logs and E-Child Care Provider Payment Discrepancy Forms and request payment within 60 days of the service provided. Failure to submit this documentation to Child Care Resources within the established timeframe shall result in forfeiture of payment.

E-Child Care Training

Child Care Resources recognizes that the ECC system can be difficult and overwhelming for child care providers. We strongly recommend that parents attend ECC training at our office. The training is free of charge and covers how to use the POS/IVR system, what steps you should take if an error occurs, check-ins and outs, what happens if you fail to use the ECC payment process, understanding the provider portal, attendance policies and what is a “Failure to Use ECC” form and how it applies to parents.

Trainings are held every Wednesday between 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, or you may request an individualized training during our regular business hours. Each training is held at our office at 3301 C Route 66, Neptune, NJ 07753.

To register, please call 732-918-9901, Ext. 139 and leave your name and phone number.

Important E-Child Care Documents

NJECC Provider Packet for Point of Service (POS) Equipment Setup and Agreement

NJECC Provider Packet for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Setup and Agreement

NJECC Provider POS Manual

NJECC IVR User Manual

E-Child Care Attendance Log

E-Child Care Provider Payment Discrepancy Form

E-Child Care Closure Calendar Letter and Instructions

Licensed Child Care Center Profile

Notice of Failure to Utilize E-Child Care Form

Notice of Failure to Submit Co-payment Fees

WFNJ/TANF Child Care Transportation Reimbursement Form

WFNJ Child Care Registration Fee Information Form

E-Child Care (ECC) Parent/Provider Agreement and Certification

Child Care Resources is also available to assist you in understanding the E-Child Care and helping you navigate the process. For more information, please contact your Fiscal Specialist. You can find your Fiscal Specialist, by clicking here.