E-Child Care

E-Child Care (ECC) is a child care time and attendance system that was implemented on January 1, 2012. ECC was implemented by the New Jersey Division of Family Development through each county’s child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agency. The ECC technology uses either the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system through the telephone or a Point of Service (POS) device, a swipe card system, which allows parents to record attendance information and confirm the care that is being provided for their children.

This automated attendance and payment process is both the responsibility of the child care provider and the parent. All child care subsidy payments in the State of New Jersey are made through the ECC system.

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Important E-Child Care Phone Numbers

Child Care Resources of Monmouth County – Training and technical assistance for both Parents and Child Care Providers on child care subsidy processes and E-Child Care. – 732-918-9901, Ext. 100

Child Care Provider Helpline – For questions related to ACS, POS device and IVR system. – 1-877-516-5776

Child Care Provider Portalwww.echildcarenj.org