Early Childhood Substitute Solutions: Provider Information

Interested in becoming a child care provider that taps into our substitute pool?


Anshoo Talwar, Shared Services Alliance Coordinator, Child Care Resources

Early Childhood Substitute Solutions is a program of Child Care Resources of Monmouth County. In addition to our core services helping families to find child care, managing child care subsidy, helping centers become licensed and home providers to become registered, and offering an array of child care trainings to support
high-quality child care, we are currently in the process of setting up a child care substitute pool.

It’s a tight market. The current child care staffing shortage affects everyone: child care programs, parents, and employers that depend on working parents.

Tap into our substitute pool for background check cleared and fully trained substitutes to fill in for staff who call out unexpectedly or to fill in for staff with planned time off (e.g., medical appointments, vacations, or other planned absences).

We are currently recruiting substitutes. Our plan is to provide each substitute with all the state required training to comply with the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), including CPR certification and First Aid.

Through our online ChildcareMatters platform,

  • Child care directors and registered family child care providers can log into the platform to access the substitute pool at any time day or night.
  • You can post jobs quickly with pre-populated job descriptions that you can tailor to fit your program (e.g., 5:00am when you find out that your toddler teacher or preschool assistant will be out that day).
  • Posting a job sends out a text message with a link to every sub in the substitute pool.
  • Substitutes that are interested and available reply back to the post.
    Directors and registered family child care providers select from those who have responded to the position post.
  • The substitute you select shows up at the specified time ready to work! (Background check cleared and in full compliance with state training requirements)
  • Payment is made through the program’s current payroll process.  Pay is based on education and experience at between $15 and $18 per hour.

We can also help you find qualified candidates for permanent placements.

Our goal: Child Care Resources will connect qualified early educators with a network of partner child care centers and registered family child care homes.

If interested in becoming a participating child care program, contact:

Anshoo Talwar, Shared Services Alliance Coordinator, Child Care Resources

atalwar@ccrnj.org or call: 732-918-9901 x 138

Benefits of Using Our Sub Pool

Affordable staffing service

Efficient Online Platform

We take care of required trainings!

Frees you up to run your business!