School Age Child Care & Summer Camps

While only parents can determine the age at which their child is responsible enough to care for himself, it is recommended that children twelve and under be supervised by adults. School-age child care programs care for children from kindergarten through middle school, before and/or after the regular school day.  Many school districts offer before and after school care, usually at the school your child attends or at a nearby facility. These programs may be operated by the school district, a for-profit company, or local civic organization and must be licensed by the state. Programs operated by the local school district do not have to be licensed.

For additional information about School Age Child Care, you can visit the New Jersey School Age Child Care Coalition, at

For additional information about School Age Child Care accreditation, you can visit the National After School Association, at

Summer Camps

Summer day camps offer a variety of activities and take place in various settings. Activities can include many outdoor sports, such as swimming, and plentiful recreation. Programs can be full or part-time camps and can run several weekly sessions. The certification of youth camps falls under the Department of Health and Senior Services’ Public Health. Many licensed child care centers also offer summer camp programs for school-age children.

Child Care Resources only refers camp programs that are certified by the Department of Health and Senior Services or licensed by the Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing.

For additional information about Summer Camp programs and accreditation, you can visit the American Camp Association, at


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