Preschool Expansion Mixed-Delivery Toolkit

Monmouth County Preschool Mixed-Delivery Toolkit


NJ Economic Development Authority (NJ EDA) Child Care Facilities Improvement Program

The NJ EDA Child Care Facilities Improvement program offers between $50,000 and $200,000 in grants to qualifying child care centers.

  • Board memorandum and Specifications
  • Eligible Improvement projects
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • FFE Allowable Expenditures
  • Tips for Finding a contractor
  • Interested Public Works Contractor List
  • Webinars

Preschool Expansion in Monmouth County 

Child Care Resources mapped preschool expansion in Monmouth County. Click on the map and zoom in to see neighborhood detail (e.g., elementary schools with and without preschool as well as child care centers). Once you click on the symbols, a pop-up box will appear with additional information (e.g., the number of children in a specific elementary school who are enrolled in preschool).  This map reflects data from the NJ Department of Education Enrollment Report for Fall 2022-2023.  Additional detail will be added to the map as public information is made available.

Program Planning & Administration

Alignment and Expansion Discussions

Topic: Alignment between DCF Office of Licensing square feet requirements and Dept. of Education, square feet requirements.

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Additional Background Resources

Monmouth County Shared Services Alliance

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