Despite The Uncertainty Of COVID, Child Care Persisted

A teacher and kid with masks on their faces look into each other's eyes in class

Despite The Uncertainty Of COVID, Child Care Persisted

Dear Child Care Community,

On behalf of Child Care Resources, I am writing to you, to express our sincere gratitude, for your tireless efforts, caring for children during COVID-19. 

2020 has been a year of unthinkable loss for our country. Vaccine distribution is promising, but challenges ahead will continue. 

I remain overwhelmed by your unquestionable strength, and resiliency during these unprecedented times.    

In an April 2020 press conference, Governor Murphy declared child care “essential.”  For many of us in the field, that was a glimmer of hope, of what could be possible, in an otherwise uncertain and frightening time. 

There is no economic recovery without child care. We know this.

 In 2021, we will continue to amplify this message, informing policymakers about what it takes, to strengthen our child care system.  In addition to the need for robust government investments, we will educate legislators, that child care is not a one size fits all approach. The beauty of the work that we do, is in our diverse delivery system, one that is responsive to parental choice, to accommodate family’s unique needs, at the most important time in their children’s lives. 

Across the nation, COVID-19 revealed a fractured child care system. It amplified the importance, and magnitude, of the role child care plays, in supporting the working family, and our economy.

The stress from the pandemic has been a challenge like no other. Your passion and perseverance have been an inspiration to so many. Child care has always been incredibly nimble and responsive.  Your action to fill the educational gaps for school-age children, has been a lifeline for working parents.  

All of us at CCR, commend your commitment to the health and well-being, of children in your care. Even on an ordinary day, this is a big job! Your stamina is unwavering.  Be sure to take time, to take good care of yourself. It is essential, to keep going!

We need to rebuild, by rethinking the economic model of child care. We need to come together, and share our best thinking, for ways to strengthen the child care system in Monmouth County. Your collective voice is everything.  

2021 brings possibilities. As your local CCR&R, we look forward to our continued partnership. Reflecting on the last ten months, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the positive outcomes. Relationships have been built and strengthened, and common ground has been established.  I believe this has brought our community closer, leaning on one another to problem solve, and heal.  Let’s continue to build on that. We all know that there is so much hard work to be done, but we do it, because we want the very best for all children. Thank you again, for the work you do. Child Care Resources is proud to be on this journey with you.  

My very best, 

Kim Perrelli

Executive Director


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