Children And Laughter

Children And Laughter

Laughter is an easily learned and reinforced developmental skill. Often when we think about children, we have a vision of fun, play and laughter. Play is learning for children and laughter is a big part of play. Laughter and humor are directly connected to a child’s development; humor can build a child’s vocabulary, reading skills and can assist with creative thinking.

Young children often find humor in the unusual. They enjoy stories, rhymes, silly situations and word plays. When children hear a joke or something that we find funny they have to think and draw on their life experiences to figure out what the joke is about. Children’s humor changes as they grow and develop more advanced thinking skills. Children will develop a sense of humor as they progress developmentally and at their own pace.

 Humor and laughter are important social skills and can assist children as a stress reliever when challenges present themselves. Laughter is a happy sound; easily understood in every language. It is one early childhood developmental skill that you can easily reinforce and enjoy while you are doing it!

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