Books Build Better Brains

Books Build Better Brains

Nurturing from a loving parent or caregiver in the early years supports healthy brain development that forms the foundation for success later at school and in life – and one of the best ways of engaging with young children is through looking at books together. Even the youngest baby loves to be held close and hear the voice of Mom or Dad as they read a book aloud.

Reading with Your Baby

  • Hold your baby on your lap while you read.

Babies like…

    • board books;
    • pictures of babies;
    • rhymes and songs from the same book over and over;
    • and when you point at pictures – this is how babies learn!

Reading with Your 1-Year-Old

  • Let your toddler move around while you are reading.
  • Name the pictures – this is how toddlers learn new words.
  • Read labels and signs wherever you go.

Toddlers like …

  • the same book over and over;
  • a book at bedtime;
  • to choose and hold the book;
  • books about food, trucks, animals, and children;
  • and books with a few words.

Reading with Your 2-Year-Old

  • Read labels and signs wherever you go.
  • Keep different books around the house and let your child choose.

Two-year-olds like …

  • to help turn the pages;
  • to fill in the words in a story they know;
  • to point and name pictures;
  • to hear the same book over and over;
  • books that are silly;
  • and animal books and animal noises.

Reading with Your Preschool Child

  • Have your child sit close or on your lap while reading.
  • Ask questions about the story.
  • Let your child tell you stories.
  • Make weekly visits to the children’s room at the library so your child can choose more books.

Children like …

  • longer books that tell stories;
  • books without words;
  • alphabet and counting books;
  • books about families, friends, and going to school;
  • and a book at bedtime.


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