Health and Safety Issues to Consider

Health and Safety Issues to Consider

Quality child care providers make health and safety issues a top priority.

Use the questions below as general guidelines, and contact Child Care Resources for more information.

� Are diapering, sleeping, food preparation and play areas separate?
� Are there clearly written sanitation procedures specific to each area? Are instructions posted about proper diapering and food storage/preparation procedures?
� Do staff receive training on health and safety issues?
� Are infant and toddler toys washed and disinfected regularly?
� Is there a policy for sick children?
� Do adults regularly conduct safety checks of all areas inside and out for potential safety hazards?
� Do staff maintain children’s personal grooming standards (for example, hand-washing)?
� Are all infants put to sleep on their backs?
� Is the staff equipped with appropriate first aid materials? Do staff members know basic first aid techniques (for example, CPR)?
� Do staff practice fire drills and evacuation procedures? Is there a written policy in place for evacuation procedures?
� Has a satisfactory criminal history background check been conducted on each adult present?
� Has the program been inspected by the licensing agency within the last 12 months?

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