Change By Focusing On The Power And Potential Of Family Engagement

Change By Focusing On The Power And Potential Of Family Engagement

In order for families to share responsibility and play all the key roles in children’s learning and development, it is necessary to change not only individual but also organizational approaches and underlying attitudes. After all, family engagement is not about families supporting school goals and priorities but about creating a mutual responsibility for support of students’ academic success. One in four children under age 5 were cared for by grandparents while their parents worked or attended school. That’s the same number of children enrolled in formal child care programs! There are great rewards to these relationships, but the dynamics can be challenging to navigate. Schools and other organizations must shift from devaluing families to creating the structural conditions that empower them and enable their engagement by building relational trust. To support this growing group of caregivers, we developed tools and best practices to support professionals and multigenerational families.

Many organizations are implementing initiatives to do this.This is why the Parent Partnership Program was developed.This is our core belief at CCR. This is why we care.

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