Building Brain Power In Toddlers

Building Brain Power In Toddlers

Supporting brain power in children is easy! Children will show you windows of opportunity through their curiosity; pay attention to signals and help them to explore.
By age 3, toddlers know more than 1,000 words!

By age 3, the brain is equipped to juggle multiple tasks like focusing and storing information. Skills start to develop more quickly and help children to control emotions, plan ahead & learn.

A 3 yr old’s brain uses 2x more energy than an adult’s—it’s making more connections!

Activities that will engage Toddlers:

• BABY’S PHOTO ALBUM: Put pictures of people and things in a photo album with plastic sleeves. Add more pictures as children learn to label people and things around them.
• HIDE-AND-SEEK: Partly hide an object under a cloth. Now add another cloth and have them guess which it is under.

Why is supporting the developing brain so important?

Think of brain development like traveling through a city. Cities are set up with roads, sidewalks, and bridges—just like a brain is set up with several different connections of brain cells. When people travel through cities they begin to see ways to make more connections from one point to another point; they often take short cuts and walk through the grass to cut to their destination quicker. The more people walk on that new path the stronger the path becomes. The developing brain works in a similar way. Repetition creates permanent pathways.

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